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5 Things Backpackers Should be Doing When in Sydney

A blend of luxurious beach culture and urban hustle bustle, Sydney is Australia’s most famous and iconic city. For years it has been the perfect hub for backpackers, adventurers and tourists from all around the world. With its glorious city life, glistening beaches and varying tastes, this city is the perfect metropolitan getaway.
We have compiled six key things you should be doing when enjoying a trip to Sydney. Make your trip count as one of the best by following this guide and enjoying all the wonders while backpacking around the city.

1. Visit the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Australia’s famous landmark is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The massive steel structure is a man-made wonder that offers stunning views of the city, as well as the clear horizon.
Walking and biking across the bridge is free, and you can even climb the southern half of the bridge with Sydney Bridge Climb. Take a Sydney harbour tour to begin your trip. It is best to visit it during New Year’s Eve when there is a fantastic firework show, forming a picturesque backdrop of the harbour bridge.

2. Discover the Iconic Opera House

Designed by the iconic Jorn Utzon, the Sydney Opera House is a sight to behold. Enjoy a brilliant guided tour around the stunning masterpiece and discover the tantalizing tale of its creation or attend one of its scheduled operas if you are interested in experiencing a performance worth remembering. You can also visit just for an opportunity to snap pictures or wander over to the magnificent bar for cocktails and refreshments.

3. Take a ferry to Darling Harbour

If you are one for scenic beauty, then you simply cannot pass up a short ferry ride to Darling Harbour from Circular Quay and experience the exquisite view of the city and the lush waters around. Darling Harbour also offers its visitors tonnes of attractions including Sydney Wildlife Zoo, the Maritime Museum, Sydney Aquarium and more.

4. Visit the Sydney Tower Eye

Enjoy the best view of the city and the glistening beaches from the Sydney Tower Eye. If heights do not make you unwell, then this view is worth experiencing at least once in your life. Easy to locate due to its sheer height and affordable, the Sydney Tower Eye provides a gorgeous view of the Blue Mountains and the harbour in all its glory. Binoculars and touch screens are available to learn more about the views.

5. Enjoy Fresh Fish at the Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Fish Market is vibrant, colourful and always full of people. It also provides a grand view of the local culture and terrific food. It is the largest fish market of its kind and offers fresh seafood straight from the fishing boats. In addition, the market also organizes cooking classes, mentored by top Australian chefs.

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