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Tourism in Australia

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The Australian economy is greatly dependent on tourism. The Country’s tourism sector comprises domestic and international visitors. In 2019, the tourism industry was the Country’s fourth-largest export and was growing faster than national GDP growth.

Australia has everything to offer its visitors with its beaches, harbours, and busy city life.

Events and Activities

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Visiting the Country can provide you with the ultimate holiday due to the large variety of activities and cultural events to take part in. With the tourist attractions being heavily based on the Nation’s culture, it provides a great way to experience the culture and tradition of Australia.


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Accommodation in Australia can be booked online with various accommodation options around the Country, including beach houses and luxury hotels. We provide up-to-date information on travelling for hikers as well, with Australia offering many accommodation options for the outdoors life.

Choosing the accommodation that will suit your holiday by visiting Australia is essential. With Australia possessing many adventures and outdoor activities, some prefer to stay near the villages. In contrast, others want to be part of the exciting city life and beach activity.

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