Aussie Travel Blogs

Australia is a top tourist destination with its sandy beaches and year-round sunshine. Visit these travel blogs for fun facts and insight into travelling and tourism in Australia.

Traveller –

Featured image Aussie Travel Blogs Traveller – traveller - Aussie Travel Blogs

Traveller is a blog made up of travel writers from the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. The blog posts up to 30 articles each week on travelling experiences through Australia and other parts of the world. This is the perfect place for Australians to find their next holiday destination.

Frequent Traveller –

Featured image Aussie Travel Blogs Frequent Traveller – frequenttraveller - Aussie Travel Blogs

This blog is written by two travellers writing about a series of life lessons they learned while travelling. They are full-time travellers who have crossed over 52 countries and lived in exotic locations around the world. They have contributed to world-famous travel magazines and spoken at conferences about the travel lifestyle.

Travel2Next –

Featured image Aussie Travel Blogs Travel2Next – travel2next - Aussie Travel Blogs

This blog provides ideas on travel and vacation, destinations, hotels, and trips. The articles are written by experienced travellers and other new media influencers with travelling knowledge around Australia. This is the perfect blog to plan your trip through Australia while also getting advice and travel tips.

Indefinite Leave Blog –

Featured image Aussie Travel Blogs Indefinite Leave Blog – indefiniteleave - Aussie Travel Blogs

Indefinite leave blog is operated by Kev and Adele, ausies from Queensland who embrace the adventurous travelling life. They have vast experience in travelling throughout Australia.

Aussie Mob –

Featured image Aussie Travel Blogs Aussie Mob – aussiemob - Aussie Travel Blogs

Aussie Mob is dedicated to sharing the writer’s love for travelling, food, wine, and a stress-free lifestyle by travelling through Australia and experiencing everything their Nation has to offer. The writers share their adventures, inspirations, and moments that stand out throughout their travels.

Yes somewhere –

Featured image Aussie Travel Blogs Yes somewhere – tessomewhere - Aussie Travel Blogs

Yes somewhere is written by a travel blogger based in Perth, Western Australia. The blogger shares travel guides and tips to help other travellers and tourists visiting Australia plan their trips for the most incredible adventure of their life.

By visiting any of these blogs, you will be able to have the best time in Australia as a tourist and be able to plan your trip for the best travel experience.