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Best accommodations when visiting Hinchinbrook Island

Hinchinbrook Island

Hinchinbrook Island is one of the most magnificent islands in the world. For this reason, most people go for their vacation or holidays on this beautiful island. Hinchinbrook Island is also among the best places to be for kayaking activities. The mangroves and beaches on this island are also not exceptional for its beauty. However, only 40 people are allowed to  Hinchinbrook Island at the same time. However, many people want to visit Hinchinbrook Island at the same time, and hence, there is a need for them to look for accommodation in other places that are within this island. The following are some of the best accommodations when visiting Hinchinbrook Island:

  1.   Ingham Motel

Ingham Motel is located in Ingham. It is one of the motels that are found very close to Hinchinbrook Island. Ingham Motel is rated among the best accommodation s when visiting Hinchinbrook Island. The hotel offers services such as free WiFi, dry cleaning, free parking, and a garden with a picnic area. The ticket assistance in this motel is also available for 24 hours. The rooms in the motel are self-contained with LED TVs, WiFi, fridges, microwaves, and even room service.

  1.   Lyndoch Motel

Lyndoch Motel is located in Cardwell. The motel has 39 rooms which are well furnished for the guests who visit Hinchinbrook Island for their holidays and vacations. This motel has some policies that must be followed by anyone who is checking in or out of the motel. The policies are that anyone who is checking in should be of a minimum of 18 years of age and should do it from 2 pm to 8 pm daily and everyone checking out should do it before 10 am. The hotel offers services such as laundry facilities, Free WiFi in public areas, free self-parking, an outdoor pool, a conference centre, and also housekeeping services. The rooms also have showers, ceiling fans, complimentary toiletries, ironing board, and even digital televisions. Although children and pets are allowed to stay in this motel, pets are allowed but for an extra nightly-payment.

  1.   Hinchinbrook Resorts

Hinchinbrook Resorts is found in Lucinda.  The motel offers excellent accommodation for anyone who wants to have a night there. There is ample space in the resort for a good number of people. Despite the area in the resort, there are also private pools, outdoor swimming pools, Free WiFi, ample parking space, playgrounds, kitchens, and dining rooms. The kitchens in the motels have facilities such as hobs, fridges, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, utensils and electric kettles to heat water. In case you do not want to cook, you can order their food from the main dining room. They also offer a free bed in the bedrooms, digital TVs, bathrooms, laundry services, and even complimentary toiletries. Outside the motel, there is a balcony, a garden, and a picnic area.

  1.   Tropixx Motel & Restaurant

Tropixx Motel & Restaurant is also found in Ingham. The motel provides free self-parking, free WiFi, swimming pools, restaurants, outdoor pool, and laundry facilities for the guests who need accommodation services. The motel has a total of24 rooms that are well equipped. Apart from providing accommodation to people, the motel also offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  1.   Kookaburra Holiday Park

Kookaburra Holiday Park Cardwell is located in Cardwell just next to the beach. The park offers accommodation to a substantial population that visits Hinchinbrook Islands. There is free self-parking, outdoor pools, laundry facilities, free WiFi in public areas, holiday parks, and kitchenettes. There are also fridges, freezers, hobs, ceiling fans, and microwaves. Kookaburra Holiday Park is also among the best accommodation for guests travelling to Hinchinbrook Islands. Pets are not allowed in this motel at any costs.