Hinchinbrook island adventures | Hinchinbrook NQ

Hinchinbrook island adventures

It is with great pride that Australia is one of the most visited places on earth and there is no amount of argument when we say that they have one of the most amazing deep-sea coves and sanctuaries all over the world. No one will ever refuse the offer of booking an adventure off to the East of Cardwell and North of Lucinda, which lies the beautiful Hinchinbrook island.

The adventure begins right after jumping off from Queensland proper and traversing to the Hinchinbrook Channel. Passing through its friendly water allows visitors and tourists to witness different land and water slopes and heights where ocean water meets the sky along with lush green vegetation and a variety of flora and fauna surrounding its smaller channels and neighbouring islets.

A perfect site for fishing and picnicking

Spending an hour or two by the bay along the Australian peninsula with your hook and line allows you to have a breath of sweet ocean air while waiting for the big catch of the day. It’s ideally the best part of fishing when you know that you’re standing just above multiple coral reefs that serve as sanctuaries of rich marine and aquatic life. While you’re at it, bring your family along for a picnic and enjoy the aroma of fresh catch grilled on the seaside as you await the sunset to appear on the horizon.

Commune with nature as you sweat it all out

Apart from fishing and deep-sea diving, one can choose to enjoy the bounty of nature while going for a jog or hike at Thorsborne trail. This is the kind of physical activity described as hitting two birds with a single stone. You will be able to benefit from taking in the fresh morning air that is good for your cardiovascular functions, and at the same time brings you a positive outlook in life motivated by the endless beauty of the planet right before your very eyes.

A quick dive or dip at a nearby Mulligan Falls

Have you ever tried freely sprinkling your face with drops of water from a cascading waterfall? If not, then it’s time to bring in the forces of nature right under your protruding nose and let’s see if you can resist the temptation of wading towards it for cold water therapy to beat the heat of the sunset or you may choose to immediately go under it to defeat the seemingly burning climate.

Capture several sceneries on your camera while on your mountain bike

Hinchinbrook Island is proud to offer hikers and bikers the opportunity to walk or pedal along its vast and friendly meadow trails while capturing lots of memories along the way. Passing through Zoe falls allows adventurers to hear the seemingly astounding ripple sounds of nearby brooks and streams inviting them to get their hands, face or hair to freshen up and beat the summer heat.