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Queensland’s best tours

There are a lot of wonders and surprises on this planet, and it’s no longer the astonishment of Australia is a one of a kind destination. Considering that every visitor is treated as very important, a royal treatment is more than enough to see and enjoy the dazzling and captivating sights of Queensland. It’s here that would-be kings meet their shining and shimmering queens and go together in an adventure of a lifetime.

The Great Barrier Reef Snorkel and Dive Tour

Who would ever say “no” if you are given the chance to explore the pristine and clear waters of the reef? Of course, everybody would be on their feet, knowing that they’re going to see paradise right before their very eyes, while witnessing a great variety of marine and sea life swim and glide alongside divers and snorkelers. Hold your breath as manta rays and goldfishes entwine your path with the colours of the deep, as oxygen bubbles struggle to surface and tell others above to join the underwater trip.

Premium Whale Watching at Hervey Bay

If visitors desire to witness killer whales and humpbacks show their swimming and playing prowess while on the deep, this must be on one of their bucket lists of things to do in Queensland. It’s a rare opportunity for every local or foreign tourist when these amazing sea creatures take their effort of breaching up the surface of the water with great speed and momentum from underneath in order to create a series of awesome waves and splashes. This may sometimes sprinkle salty water onto witnesses on a close watch at a certain part of the bay.

Swerves and bumps on a day tour at Kuranda scenic railway

Experience nature with a peak of excitement or thrill by going through North Queensland’s tropical rainforest onboard a train leading to Cairns. Who would ever forget a day’s ride when you are given a chance of a lifetime to personally witness the cascading water of Barron Falls? Add to that your chance of visiting cultural and heritage sites and seemingly untouched rainforests as you disembark on several interesting stops for a breath of fresh air or a moment to bond with spectacular wildlife like the lovable koala bears. Never end your tour by not getting to fly in the sky with the safe and reliable cable cars, as you watch the green and lush facade of the surrounding rainforest.

Going for white water rafting at Cairns or Port Douglas

Get ready to put on your gear as you and your friends pump up the adrenaline by getting side bumps as well as goosebumps while on a raft on the rushing and gushing rivers of Barron Gorge National Park to the different downhill areas of either Cairns or Port Douglas. Make certain you have everything to hold on to since nature has its own way of tossing you up or getting you wildly wet.