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What are the indigenous cultures in Queensland

Queensland is one of the best spots in Australia for indigenous cultures to flourish and converge. Both of Australia’s major indigenous cultures are represented inQueensland, but some people might not know what the two major indigenous cultures are. That’s why we’ve compiled some basic information on the two main indigenous cultures in Queensland to help keep you informed. The two primary types of indigenous cultures in Australia are the Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders, the distinction between these two will be gone into shortly, but it’s important to establish the two from the get-go. The main difference between Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders is their place of origin.

Aboriginal people:

Aboriginal people are Australian hunter-gatherers who originally inhabited the mainland of Australia before it was colonised in 1788. The word ‘Aboriginal’ was originally the word ‘Aborigine’, a noun meaning ‘A life form found in a continent since the earliest times’, however, the word was later changed to Aborigine, since Aboriginal was a noun implying that the indigenous people were one culture, when in fact it’s made up of many rich cultures.

Torres Strait Islanders:

The Torres Strait Islanders are also indigenous people of Australia, however where the Aboriginal’s are the original people of the mainland, these are the people of the islands, as the name would suggest. The Torres Strait Islanders originated in the 274 islands of the Torres Strait, a passage of water located between Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Connection to the land:

One aspect of indigenous culture in Queensland is a deep spiritual connection to country, a way of life that is shared between Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders. Rather than own land and use it to exploit the natural resources, the indigenous people believe in taking care of the land in the interest of ecological, human, and spiritual health, a practice they’d traditionally call “Caring for Country”.


Dreamtime in indigenous culture is not the same definition of dreaming that most other people would use, rather than referring to the actual act of dreaming indigenous dreamtime is the ‘golden time’ of a time far in the past where the first spirit ancestors created the land. These spirit ancestors created the land they live in, the people, the animals, the watering holes, and gave the people the tools to pursue their hunter-gatherer lifestyle. The ancestors also marked certain spots as sacred, areas which the indigenous people would use to perform rituals to please the ancestor spirits and ensure their further livelihood.

Indigenous cultures are far more complex than that, there are so many groups of indigenous cultures, and each of them is so complex that it’s not possible to record all the details here, but this will at least provide a basic understanding of the indigenous people of the land, and what they believed.